Thursday, September 2, 2010

On the streets of Ptown at night

I recently returned from Provincetown with a sinus infection as my souvenir, thank you very much. So much for the clean sea air—it's tainted with the toxic pollen of sea grass. But aside from my misery with allergens, my biggest news to report is that Commercial Street in late August was filled with Grade A lesbians. Not only did I run into my chiropractor—whose touch is magical—and not only did I run into an old friend and met some new ones, but I also witnessed a "Free Feminist Classics Reading" with comic Kate Clinton and her GF, activist Urvashi Vaid, and some young cuties in plaid shirts. These photos were not taken at the event (nor were they taken by me, for that matter), but they capture the nighttime spirit of the scene. The feminist reading took place in front of the ATM next to Spiritus Pizza, which has truly excellent pizza in addition to being a great place from which to watch the drag queens sail by. (For hours of enjoyment, view the Spiritus cam online.) At first, the choice of the ATM location was a mystery, but I soon could see the advantages. There is a bench, on which the lesbians could stand and be heard while they read some Audre Lourde, some Judith Butler. And I assume there was no cost for the, ah, space. Plus, a personal advantage for me was that during the reading I could enjoy my slice and my root beer while seated on the Spiritus bench near the ATM machine. From my perch I also had a great view of the crowd that gathered—which included, to my delight, Elizabeth Streb! I spotted her standing near the back, but she soon came closer and sat on the Spiritus steps. She was carrying a bag from Map, a very cool clothing store in Ptown (so cool that I feel slightly not cool when I'm in there), and she was working on a little project while she listened: She was tying and untying knots in a small white rope. Streb uses a lot of ropes in her choreography, so I assume she needs to be good at tying knots, right? She was with her spouse, Laura Flanders, who was similarly multi-tasking: She was reading something on her Kindle. Despite my efforts, I could not see what Laura Flanders was reading. But I could see that she was wearing a fantastic pin-striped jacket with raw seams. Streb was wearing knickers with white piping and black combat boots. (I'd like to post a fashion trend alert: Knickers will soon be big.)


M said...

Hey SG!

FYI Katie Clinton, her "galpal" and other friends were at the next table as we dined at Fanuzzi's in P'town in late August. I did get a chance to compliment her on her show at the fabulous Hukelau club in fabulous Chicopee, Massachusetts (site of my recent road rager.)

We were surprised to run into anyone famous without you around to point them out, but in this case me and the wife-pal were staring right at Katie.

Her galpal seemed to enjoy their plentiful appetizers more than Katie did, BUT Katie did take home the leftovers (I'm not sure I would have as Fanuzzi's was having an off night. I know, I know: you never get a good meal out on Monday!)

Anyway, that was one of the few highlights of our ill-fated trip to P'town during a nor'easter (not really sure where that apostrophe is supposed to go.)

Let's hope all of our P'town friends and places are safe in the next storm.

Sapphist Gazetteer said...

Good sighting of the galpals! We, too, are hoping all will be well in Provincetown during the hurricane.