Thursday, April 28, 2011

Field hockey sisterhood

I confess I'm completely absorbed by the royal wedding. In an effort to forge a connection with the event, I am looking to the playing fields, to that celebrated tradition in sisterhood: Field hockey.

Kate Middleton will soon be a princess, but she once could be counted among chicks with sticks. Indeed, she was captain of her high school field hockey team — just like the Sapphist Gazetteer! Here, you can see Kate showing good form in the middle of the action, and, at left, the Sapphist Gazetteer is apparently catching her breath... But never mind that. I think it's charming that we both favored the jaunty headband.

Oh, and my other connection to the royal affair is this handsome Henry VIII "tea bag tidy" that I bought at the Tower of London a few years ago.


M said...

All field hockey players are princesses!
Is that really you in the photo on the left, SG? So butch!

Sapphist Gazetteer said...

Yes, it's me on the left. You may find this hard to believe, but I have a butch past. I don't like to tell anyone because then I'll be expected to lift and fix things.

Annie B said...

Wow, I never played field hockey. I'm too bookish I guess. If I had known that you get to wear a kilt I might have tried it. I too was enthralled with the wedding, which surprised me as I'm not usually interested in such things. What do you think it was that made it so compelling? Was it Kate?

Sapphist Gazetteer said...

Hi, Annie B! Yes, the kilt is a thrill to wear. I am a tomboy with a long history of refusing to wear dresses, but for me the kilt had more of a Charlton Heston-as-Moses feel than a girl-in-a-skirt feel. And then, or course, you get to wield a heavy stick.

But, you ask about the appeal of the wedding. The hotness of Kate was indeed a factor. But there were other reasons, too. I'm a sucker for pomp, ritual, and the aesthetics of a grand ceremony. (I was raised Catholic.) I also love the British royals in all their oddity, glamour, and history. (My family's Protestant side left England for America in the 17th century, but my relatives speak of it as recent history. My grandmother so loved the Queen.) And let's not forget the memory of wonderful Diana, very much present on the day of the wedding. And, last but not least, Elton John was there with his husband!

Annie B said...

You're very funny, SG. Me too about dresses and skirts. I always feel like I'm in drag when I wear a dress, which can be fun if you're in the mood.

You and I might be related on the Protestant side of the family. Maybe that's the key: the British roots. My mother was way into the wedding -- got up early and everything. She likes the Royals. She likes our royal Kennedys, too. I enjoyed the pomp and history a lot. I thought it was strange and fascinating that we could watch a lovely young woman become royal right before our eyes.

Thanks for thinking this through with me. Glad I stopped by this morning.