Friday, July 1, 2011

Lesbian wishes can come true

As lesbians, we are accustomed to wishing for things. We wish for equality and an end to discrimination. We wish for an alternative happy ending to Loving Annabelle. We wish Téa Leoni were a big ole lesbo. We wish Whitney would take her sleeve tat and join a remote ascetic community in which appearing on reality television is strictly forbidden. Sadly, we are accustomed to disappointment.

But not today! Today we are not forsaken. Today the gods have given us the news, or, I should say, the suggestion, that Ellen Page and Clea DuVall might have some kind of friendship or something. SheWired and Dorothy Surrenders have published photos of the two adorable ones striding together in Montreal. And Zimbio has the entire photo album. Soooo cute.

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