Friday, September 7, 2012

Let's go, people

I'm not the most political person you're going to meet.  But this year's presidential election has got to put  a fire under you.  You simply must send some money to the Obama campaign or volunteer or put the sticker on your car or something.  The alternative to a second term for President Obama is unthinkable. No, actually: Think about it.  Not pretty.  Dismal, in fact.  Yes, Obama has been slower than we'd hoped to come around on gay and lesbian rights.  But he came around.  He ended Don't Ask Don't Tell.  That is huge.  As a sitting president he publicly stated his personal support for same-sex marriage.  That is historic.  And during this week's Democratic National Convention the party adopted same-sex marriage rights as part of the platform.  That is unprecedented.  The Obama administration has also made many advancements in gay rights at the federal level, which have been detailed by the HRC.  In addition, most of the speeches I've heard this week — including those of the First Lady and the President himself — included some statement recognizing the need for improved gay rights.  Election Day is just weeks away, and your future will be better with Obama.

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Well said, Gazeteer!