Thursday, October 4, 2012

Maia Sharp is calling

Last night I finally discovered my favorite new gay lady: Maia Sharp.  I'm a fool that it took this long.  Here's how it happened.  I needed a lez night out after experiencing a somewhat disconfirming evening with a bunch of straight couples a few days prior during which a homophobic remark was uttered.  I called it out, but then felt like even more of an outsider, aka the dreaded humorless lesbian ("As a lesbian I resent your laughter. And all laughter.") So when I saw the poster around town for an in-the-round evening at Passim with Garrison Starr, a wonderful out sweet folk singer, and two other evidently queer sisters, I was all in.  I called up my friend Liz and convinced her to come with me.  Before the show I looked up the other chicks and discovered one of them was Maia Sharp.  I soon realized she is amazing. I'm not just throwing that around.  You actually will be amazed by her.  Even recalcitrant Liz was impressed.  Maia's songwriting is smart and beautiful.  Her voice is emotional and grown up.  I also just discovered that she co-wrote, with her father, Randy Sharp, "A Home," which was famously recorded by the Dixie Chicks and is on my list of songs that will reliably make me cry.  I instantly fell in love with "Buy My Love" from her new CD, "Change the Ending."  And to my delight Maia sang it at my request at the show.  I'm the type to shout things from the audience.  When I'm not in front of the classroom in professor mode, I'm a badly behaved student causing disruptions in the back.  But I loved, loved, loved the show.  Maia is a tall shot of tomboy who is a musical master, switching from guitar to bass to keyboards to sax.  She can bring the funk at a live performance, write songs that will tap you on the chest, and sing like she's calling your name.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Empower survivors and end slavery

Here's something you can do today to help a girl in Cambodia repair her life and once again feel her own innate dignity.  To make a $10 donation to the life-saving work being done by the Somaly Mam Foundation text "RESCUE" to 80088. Then reply "YES" at the prompt.  Simple, quick, and important.