Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rapinoe comes out into the sunlight

I am grateful for the capacity to find happiness even during a blue period.  Earlier this week I came to the end of my run around the pond, and as I exited the deep shade of the trees and entered the sunlight, the summer insects in the meadow hummed their unrestrained cheer, and I felt blissed out.

You know what else there is to be happy about?  Megan Rapinoe.  She officially and unequivocally came out recently.  This is no small thing.  We can count on one hand how many high profile out lesbians there are in professional sports.  Rapinoe is a welcome bolt of positive life force.  She is adorable and dynamic.  It's also refreshing that Rapinoe's endorsement deal with Nike seems intact after the news.  In fact, Nike (featuring Rapinoe in this ad, above) seems to be embracing Rapinoe more than ever.